A small selection of some video clips I have taken... sometimes just seeing the movement and hearing the noise helps bring some of the pictures 'to life'!

Little Owl

This is one of "my" Little Owls, having a snooze in the morning sun:


A short clip of the UK & Canadian Lancasters completing a fly-past at Dunsfold:


The mighty Vulcan XH558 performing a low pass:

Zebra Drinking

We were lucky enough to visit the Serengeti in Africa during the great migration - we visited this waterhole where the Zerbra (and Wildebeest) stop for a drink:

Cheetah Hunt (some of it)

We saw the start of this hunt emerging, so waited to watch, unfortunately as I was panning and filming the Cheetah sprint, I hit the camera on the roll bar of our car and lost the end of the chase.... I have had to edit out the swearing!:

Rhino Walking

Whilst traversing through the Ngorongoro Crater, this Rhino crossed our path, gave us a quick glance and then continued on his way: