Everybody's doin' the Locomotion...

Ok, I'm not going to break out into some form of Kylie Minogue based tribute...

Last weekend I heard that Reading had a visit from the 'Flying Scotsman'. In typical style I found out too late, so set about doing some research to see if I could get a heads up on it's next visit.

Armed with my new camera (1DX2) to go out on it's maiden voyage, I engaged a friends advice (he's an avid train spotter), who gave me a good starting point and highlighted that actually the Flying Scotsman was indeed going via Reading again this weekend.

After a bit more research I managed to get the route established, so set about looking for locations that would be, 'less busy' than the usual mainline stations.

We did a recce and found a small bridge down a dead-end road just outside Reading which is bound to be empty (yeah, right!!!).

Anyway, I managed to then get hold of the timings of the train, only 1 day in advance, but it did mean a prompt start in the morning to get to the train on time. We did have a little mishap whilst leaving, which meant we had to turn around and lost 20 minutes of time, but we did managed to get back to the bridge (with 5 mins to spare).

Sadly we weren't alone, there were at least 50 other people, with dogs, and kids - and of course because were late they'd all taken the key spaces next to the wall.

Nevertheless, I managed to shoe-horn myself in a small self-made gap and with moments to spare managed to grab some shots as 'she' went past.

Unfortunately for Sam, I had already noted the return journey time!, but having had a semi-disappointing experience with our 'exclusive' bridge, I set to work on google maps looking for another alternative.

This time I found a spot just outside Mortimer where there was a public footpath crossing over the tracks, meaning that I could get up close to the train as it goes by.

So... after successfully completing our recce, we went back and waited (only 5 other people here, so thats 'acceptable!!).

The train was 30 minutes late so wasn't taking a gentle saunter through the countryside, instead it was going full-steam-ahead and shot past us at 70+mph - giving us about 15 seconds of viewing time (literally :( ).

Never mind, it was a cracking location so we'll use that again.

As a final note - I am really impressed with the new camera!! really looking forward to getting to grips with it :)

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Great pics despite the 'cracking pace' !!!  
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