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With such an unseasonable weekend I decided to spend time in the garden - just sitting there and relaxing.

Of course, my 'relaxing' consists of being on full alert staring at anything that moves or catches my eye!

I suspect the sight of me was putting a lot of the wildlife off!, but we did have the usual staunch visitors, which whilst often overlooked, they do make good subjects for practice etc.

So I give you, the humble wood pigeon... eating all of the peanuts I put out for the smaller birds.


 And another taking liberties in the free washing facilities I provide...

There is though, a lot of general activity, with House Sparrows picking bugs from our plants, to Starlings feeding their young (already!)...

Pretty sure I can get my whole head in there...!!!

We've got our very own family of BlueTits (7 chicks) in our camera nest box (I'll do an update on that one a bit later), but in the meanwhile, the parents are starting to look a little bedraggled with the constant search for chick-friendly food!

With the warm weather, it only seemed fair to let our pet Tortoises loose in the garden, they love it, charging round all over the place, occasionally meeting up for a quick scrap, then they're off again looking for more random flowers to eat!

And then, I can only assume was the regular visitors in search of a hard-shelled crispy sandwich!! (No, they wouldn't really go for the Tortoises! - well, I hope not!)

These pictures probably look like all of my other Red Kite shots - I have thousands of the damned things!

Finally, and I'm really happy with this one!!... about 3 years ago I had a spare bird box - it wasn't very substantial, it was made of like Natural Grass reed-weave type thing, I never really thought anything would take up residence and thought it was actually more ornamental.

Nevertheless I screwed it to the fence behind the holly tree - originally because the neighbours had cats that were always hunting in our garden, but since they moved out last year we've had a lot more garden birds around.

Anyway, I was just watering some plants and I happened to glance at the entrance to the bird house and saw it was full of moss?!! Very odd I thought, I lightly poked it, but the moss was solid.

So, I set up one of my Trail cameras on the nest to see what was in there - well, it took a couple of days, but after "Photobombing" the camera, it seems we have a Wrens nest!! Really excited about this, will continue to use the trail cam, as they seem a bit nervous, I'm really looking forward to see if we get young Wrens!

(The clock was wrong on the camera, sorry!)

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