After the rather inclement British springtime, varying between 12 degrees and 4 degrees in an instant! Today was one of the first decent days in a while.

I took the opportunity to head out to see my Little Owls. Unfortunately they were not there, and on speaking to the local dog walkers they haven't been around for the last couple of weeks. I can only hope that they have hunkered down for the spell of snow/hail we've had recently.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd give it a couple of hours to see if they might appear! They didn't, but it did give me the chance to have a look around the area and look out for other things instead....

I was treated with a close-up of a Treecreeper, I've seen them in the distance, but this one was no further than 6ft from me - which made it a bit of a challenge moving the 'sigmonster' lens into place.

He (or she) had some fluff in his beak, before flying off and 'sticking' to the underside of a branch a bit further away.

Lovely little birds!


You can see just how camouflaged they are against the tree trunks. 

I stood there silently waiting for 'anything' and I heard a rustle of leaves behind me, not a loud rustle so I really had to stare in the general direction to see what was stirring.

After a while of looking at what seemed to be 'nothing', I spotted a pair of eyes staring back at me!!

Once I'd found him, I stood back for a bit until he was comfortable enough to move free of the leaves - still "Mr Toad" didn't give me a clear shot, but I wasn't about to disturb him to make him jump.

Just behind where I was standing, there was a beautiful patch of Bluebells, I'd not seen them here before and they were really localised, to about a 6ft square - very odd!!

Nevertheless, lovely to see and they smell great too!

And one with my phone:

After my little excursion, it was back home to do some gardening whilst the weather was good... ably assisted by our little hound

I did make a last minute dash out tonight, together with Sam, to once again head to one of my Barn Owl sites, I had seen one there a few nights back - the first time in 17 visits!, but after that had not been successful for another couple of nights - so fingers crossed we headed out, and within 2 minutes the Owl flew out. Didn't see which direction it went after the hedges, but at least we have confirmation that he's back there!.

Might bring myself to a 'morning' effort, will see how I feel!.

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Great images and a good reminder that there's always something to be seen if you take time and make the effort to look beyond the obvious.  
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