"Good Friday"

A long weekend (at last), today is "Good Friday", and as it turned out, a very Good Friday!

I woke up at the usual time to a glorious sunny day, so thought I'd make the most of it, and shoot out to my Peregrine site again.

To my amazement, I saw the 'Hen' Peregrine perched up high at the top of the tower immediately, and then on one of the lower braces - and in fact the closest it's ever been to me, was the male.

When I say 'closest', it's all relative, in real distance it was probably 50yards or so, but even so absolutely perfect!

I spent about 2 hours watching them whilst they just sat there, preening, looking, sleeping and pooing! :|

The Hen took off in one of my have a look in the opposite direction moments (doh!), so I concentrated on the male...


After flexing his wings, he 'walked' to the far side of the girder, so I had to lift my stuff over the bridge to the far side of the river where these guys were and set up to get a better view.

Once he was bored, he took off and flew in the opposite direction (sadly) so I didn't get any flight shots this time.

 With both of the Peregrines now flown off, I thought I'd shoot down to the Little Owl site - when I got there one was asleep in full view (I can't tell the male from the female!)...

In yet another "kit-kat" moment, I did a quick cursory look around the woodland around me, and when I looked back, the blasted thing had gone!

I stayed for about another 30 mins, but other than a somewhat cross-eyed peek out of the hole, they didn't come back out, so I left them too it.

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