Never a quiet day....

Slim pickings recently, my Barn Owls seem to be getting more scarce, and the Little Owls will be setting off to set up their own new territory soon.

I took a trip back to my original Little Owl site, they've been absent from there for a good few months now, but I live in hope they return as the viewing opportunities are absolutely superb. Alas after an hour of waiting there was no sign at all. I'll give it another few weeks and try again!

I took a trip back to Lavell's Lake again, but it was another quiet day... there was a single Grey Wagtail out on the pontoon in the lake. They're now 'Amber' listed as their numbers have decreased over the last few years. So although I wouldn't normally pay much attention, they are nice bird to see.

I gave it another hour of watching and waiting... it was a nice day so I'm a bit unsure why there wasn't more about.

Anyway, I spotted out off to the edge of the hide a small bird, which I had assume was a chick of some form, but it appears that it was an Adult Little Grebe, in full winter plumage. Either way, it was quite sweet and happy swimming amongst the weed and sunning itself!

Back at "casa de Turner" our bird feeder was as busy as usual, but we've had a increase in probably my favourite garden bird... on this occasion we had 6 Long Tailed Tits on the feeders at once! There is something about them, they're like tiny balls of fluff! with a beak and a long tail.

If watching and looking for local wildlife wasn't enough, it appears we also apparently run a pseudo-hospital/release site. A week ago we picked up "Holly", a large female hedgehog who was attacked by a dog. She was taken to "Hedgehog Bottom" hedgehog hospital where she made a superb recovery, but sadly the person who brought Holly in didn't want her back, so she needed a release site - and thats where we came in.

We took her in and released her in our back garden in our hedgehog house, but she wasn't one to be kept contained and managed to smash her way through our barrier and out to freedom. That's fine because we keep them fed out the front of the house too.

On returning the carrier back to the hospital, we came away this time with "Shaun"!

Shaun was found lying outside dehydrated and covered in fly-eggs, and again the person who brought them in didn't want him back either :(

Now back to full health and up to 500g (minimum 'release' weight), he given to us to release back.

So he is currently outside in the hedgehog house with fresh food and fresh water... and I've reinforced the fences this time to better contain him!


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