I returned to one of my sites to find the female (I think), stood in the doorway of their box continuously calling. This was quite early on, perhaps about 6.30pm.

It's not unusual to be up and about at that time, especially if there are young about as invariably they'll need feeding multiple times a day.... much like any other youngster!

Whilst watching the box it appears my location was given away, and the Owl craned her neck out of the box and took a long look at me! It didn't scare her off, she just went back to calling again.

This was a great way to start the evening!

But after only another 20 minutes or so, this Buzzard appeared from the tree above where I was sitting. I'm now not sure if the Owl was warning the Buzzard as I didn't see it arrive, so can only assume it had been sat in the tree the whole time.

Sadly, because I wasn't expecting it! I couldn't get the camera focussed until he'd flown a few meters away.

I tried to follow the buzzard (without success), across one of the fields where it perched back in another tree, the shots I took from there were no good, but on looking around I spotted this Roe Deer stood up, seemingly asleep!! In reality I'm sure it was just resting his eyes, but didn't seem overly concerned about me being stood there.

I did see the male Barn Owl out, but the light was fading and the pictures really came out too dark - such is the permanent issue with trying to photograph animals which only come out at dusk!

The following night I did spot one of my other favourite birds, which I have imaginatively called "Kes", the female Kestrel. She seems to have a regular perching spot on the edge of the woods and appears quite content to have her photo taken.

I'm pretty sure she is one of the young which fledged a couple of months ago, so really glad to see they're still around.

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